And you thought Yoga Was Just Stretching

I was working out at home when I met my friend. He asked me why I didn’t join the gym. I explained that I practice Yoga and occasional calisthenics at home for my exercise. His response was predictable. “Yoga isn’t that just stretching?”

I explained the theme of the article and how it is more than just stretching or being in awkward positions. I went on to explain that it is more than that and that there is a certain art to it.

Meditation is a good way to relax your body and mind, but it is also important to eat well and exercise regularly.

Yoga is a union or a discipline that allows man to unite or bind with his spirit or the universe in one breath. Yoga aims to free the spirit from the mind and the body.

Yoga is the oldest and most widely practiced physical activity. It has been scientifically proven to maintain physical fitness and delay the aging process. Yoga also improves your appearance and helps you to maintain suppleness and vitality.

With the Sun Salutations, the inversion poses, the forward and backward bending poses, the balancing exercises for the arms, the building focus, and the focus on the breath, Yoga can stand its own.

You can train your body to get stronger by doing yoga. In fact, you should be able to hold the peacock pose for longer than 90 seconds. It’s not an easy task to complete and it is important to train your body to become stronger. Yoga is a great way to achieve this.

Yoga is a great exercise for people who have respiratory disorders and even singers and public speakers. Yoga helps you to relax and deeply relax the entire body perhaps the way no other exercise can. (Keep in mind that several of the poses give a deep body massage, not unlike the ones received in salons..just thought I should throw that in.)

There are so many courses and DVDs and books and videos being offered by all sorts of people that it is worth giving Yoga a trial to see what you think.

You will know when you have completed your yoga class. You will nod in agreement as you leave. Yoga is a very physical workout and you will enjoy it. It is the exercise.

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