Yoga Food and Its Benefits

The question of eating and the body is a very complex one. The human body is an amazing thing and can be a source of great joy and pain if not taken care of. In order to be able to maintain the body, we need to take care of it and ensure that it is healthy. This article discusses the various aspects of food and what needs to be done in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1) Do you have to eat healthily in order to do yoga?

The answer to this question is a resounding NO! Yoga is not a practice that requires a certain kind of diet or a particular kind of food. It is more of a practice that focuses on the mind and the soul. Yoga is meant for everyone and no one has to follow any particular diet in order to practice yoga.

2) What should not eat during yoga? What not to eat before yoga? What is yogic breakfast?

There are certain foods that should not be eaten while practicing yoga. These include spicy foods, fried foods, junk foods, alcohol, caffeine and carbonated drinks. These foods tend to cause disturbances in the digestive system and lead to gas and bloating. It is also advisable not to eat these foods before doing yoga as they will not allow the digestive system to function properly. Yogic breakfast is basically a light breakfast that is easy on the stomach and allows the body to digest easily. This helps in maintaining a regular bowel movement and ensures that the body is not constipated.

3) What is the diet of Sadhuguru?

Sadhguru is the guru of all gurus. He is a person who is completely focused on God. He is known for his simplicity and for living an austere life. He does not have a personal chef or cooks for himself. He only eats plain food and nothing else. He says that he never felt hungry when he was practicing yoga. He is a vegetarian and believes in non-violence. He does not believe in using animal products in any form. His diet is simple and consists mainly of fruits, vegetables and grains. He takes milk but never consumes butter or ghee. He believes in being a part of nature and does not consume anything from outside. He is always seen wearing white clothes and a white turban. He does not have any personal possessions and does not use any electronic gadgets. He lives in a forest in the mountains and has no phone, television or computer.

4) What does every yoga need?

Every yoga needs a yoga mat and a yoga bag. There are many other things that a yoga student needs but these two are essentials. A yoga mat helps keep the body balanced and prevents injury. It also keeps the body warm. The yoga bag contains all the necessary items required for a yoga session. It contains towels, water bottles, yoga blocks and mats.

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